Our Team

Tim Kent | Creative Director


Tim Kent leads the Décorum team as Creative Director and General Manager. With more than two decades of experience in event design and production, this award winning designer and artist, not only brings a theatricality to his event design work, but also a sense of whimsy. Known for his elegant use of color, clever customizations, and problem solving skills he can help you prioritize your event needs and maximize your budget.

Tim’s background in couture fashion and theatrical costume design has left him with an expertise in the manipulation, draping and sculpting of fabric, making him the ideal choice to personalize your event. Tim can help you combat a cold impersonal space by enveloping a room in sumptuous walls of drape; soften the hard lines of an industrial venue with romantic swags of diaphanous color; create cinematic vistas that enlarge your site and take your guests on an imaginative journey; and transform an uninspired space into the setting for the iconic life moment you’ve been dreaming about…all the while walking you through options, watching your budget, and coaxing your ideas to fruition.

There are many ways to bring your event to life, and Tim takes pride in offering you options that you may have heard or asked about, as well as choices you didn’t even know where a possibility. It’s your event, and his goal is to make it everything you’ve dreamed it can be!



Haley Sturguess | Account Manager


Drawing upon her background in the hospitality and corporate event industries, combined with her public relations experience, Haley has mastered the art of exceptional account management and client service. Prior to starting with Décorum, Haley worked in the destination management (DMC) world honing her approach to business development and logistics for nationally recognized financial institutions.

Her internship with one of the premier event specialists in St. Louis also enabled Haley to develop a concise understanding of the events business as a whole. Assisting with weddings and non-profit events from start to completion and contributing to marketing and social media initiatives presented a unique understanding of the industry and regional market.

She has since expanded into the development of existing client relationships at Décorum where you’ll regularly be in touch with her throughout your experience with our team. Furthermore, focusing on special projects; you’ll see her excellent photography skills showcased regularly on the company Instagram!

Graduating with honors, Haley holds a B.A. in Mass Communication with an emphasis in public relations from Southeast Missouri State University.


Jason Wells | Project Manager


With ten plus years of experience in the event design industry Jason brings a valuable skillset to the Décorum team. Entering the business with no formal training, once upon a time, he began cultivating his expertise by observing and learning from some of the leading industry professionals in St. Louis.

Jason has taken his professional experience and applied it to managing a successful warehouse and production team over the years. His logistical knowledge, organizational skills and professionalism are key components in maintaining the daily operations of our firm, in-house and on-site. Emphasis on quality control, safety and efficiency Jason is responsible for keeping our facility and products in top notch condition.